In Too Deep

I’m in too deep and can’t seem to catch my breath. I’m grasping for reality and yet so content with this dream we’ve seemed to dream up together! We can’t do this, shouldn’t do this and yet each time the feelings only get deeper!

The burning passion in the pit of my stomach only grows stronger like a constant hunger I cannot control. It’s a fiery feeling that only seems to spread to warm my ice cold heart melting into a puddle of feelings I tried so hard to block off.

I don’t understand the sudden spark of passion that started the wildfire of emotions. Everything that I let go of everything I thought I tossed into the wind is only coming back full force.

This passion won’t allow anything less than everything I desire. This passion consumes me and soon you will too. I’m in too deep and I’m no longer sure I want to come up!


Love · Pain

He Has What He Wants


I love her more than I’ve loved anyone else, well that’s if those past flings were even love. I’ve never felt what I feel for her for anyone else but I’m not sure she truly can see that.

The thought of losing her brings a pain deeper than any other pain. I love her beyond words can ever express, I’d give her my last breath if I ever needed to. She’s been my world since the day we met, I’m not understanding how she doesn’t realize that.

I feel her slipping away, slowly letting the love disappear. What am I supposed to do? I can’t lose my best friend, losing her would be losing myself. She makes me a better man and yet she still feels unwanted.

I see that she no longer looks at me the same and seeing that is like someone plunging a knife into my heart and twisting it over and over again. I love my wife more than life itself how do I make her realize there could never be anyone else?


There’s a girl I’d trust with my deepest darkest secrets if she’d ever be all mine. This girl isn’t average like the rest. Her beauty is ten times more mesmerizing because she don’t realize how beautiful she is. I’ve imagined my future with this girl a thousand times and each time gets better.

I’ve imagined putting a ring on her finger and a baby in her belly but each time I have to snap back to reality and realize she’s with someone else. She’s married and while I could give a damn about him I don’t dare make that moving knowing she loves who she is with.

Every time that I see her I can’t help but to smile. I can’t help but to see how her day went. I can’t help but to imagine her being mine for the rest of my life, waking up to her by my side rolling over to see her looking up at me with those big brown eyes.

I’m more in love with this girl than I’ve ever been and I’ll wait patiently until she’s done with him!



Teasing pt.2

As those butterflies danced around in my stomach while he kissed my neck I took his face into both my hands looked at him and kissed him as if I’d never see him again. I instantly got wetter just from the passionate way he kissed back.

Everything suddenly stopped though, the room was completely silent and all we could hear was the rapid beating of our hearts. We jolted back into reality almost like nothing ever happened. We began to talk and laugh again

My phone rang from across the room and as I spoke to the other person on the line I feel his soft hands run down the length of my arms and his soft lips brush across my neck. There goes that jolt again was the first thing that popped into my mind, the second was the fact that I was still on the phone.

He’s making my body heat up and my heart race again and all I could think was “shut up and hang up!” He began to pull my panties down now the person on the phone is only a mumble in my ear I’m not to sure of what they’re saying at this point.

He pins my hands under his above my head and slowly penetrates but not without a struggle considering he was not an average size. As I go to gasp I faintly hear “okay by talk to you later, beep beep beep” as my phone hangs up.

He’s no longer gentle he grips my hips and thrust every chocolate inch of him in me and I yell out in pure pleasure. He bends me over my panties still aground my ankles as I hear him breathing heavy he slaps my ass and another scream of pleasure escapes my lips.

As I’m bent over I feel my juices run down my legs the world has disappeared, the room went dark, everything went silent, except us his moans fuel mine and as I thrust back trying to match his speed I feel my ass jiggle and hear clap as he fucks me like he’s releasing every emotion he’s ever felt for me and couldn’t express.

It’s over as quick as it started were finished but we’re not finished neither of us came. I beat his chest as he laughs and tells me “you’ll get the full effect, I have our next time planned out to be special”

At first I’m angry and disappointed until I realized everything else was a tease to lead up to this and everything else will be a tease to lead up to that. And every moment I will anticipate the day we fuck the shit out of each other!



Teasing pt.1

It started off so innocent just a quick glance with a flash of his pearly white teeth as I blushed at the fact that his eyes sparkled every time he glanced at me. There was this undeniable connection and denying it would be like denying the jolt of electricity that would flow through your body if you were to get hit with a taser.

I tried to deny every feeling that jolted through every vein in my body as he stared into my soul with those beautiful brown eyes. I invited him in, part of me hoping things would escalate part of me hoping he’d be just as shy as I would and we’d get no further than a cuddle. My mind was saying don’t do it but my body screamed don’t let him leave without getting fucked.

I was comfortable with my friend I walked around in my panties and enjoyed his company in the comfort of my own home. We laughed talked and while I stood between his legs talking to him as he sat on the edge of my bed, my body acted before my mind could process and I laid him back on my bed and straddled his lap.

My mind went black from there because all I can remember is his hands gripping my ass as I stared into those eyes and felt that jolt again. I bit his bottom lip and slowly he slipped his tongue past mine, he tasted like mint gum, I began to breathe heavy, the butterflies began to flap their wings rapidly while dancing around it my stomach.


Love · Pain

Missing You

I’m missing you so much, and yet I can’t bring myself to call your phone or even type those words to tell you. It’s not only you I miss. I miss who I was when I was with you, when we weren’t hurting each other.

I miss the laughing, the hugging, the cuddling and even though I do those things now it will never have the same feeling as when I did those things with you! See you abandoned me, left me lost and alone with no sense of who I even was anymore without you. You left but you miss me and now you expect me to come running back to you because you had the courage to admit it.

I miss you with everything in me but I’m not brave enough to risk losing myself again or losing everything I gained when I learned to let you go. You were once my world and loving you was all I wanted to do. Now I miss you but refuse to go back to you.

I miss your smile, running my fingers through your hair, and hearing your laugh. I miss the way you would lay your head on my lap and talk until you drifted off to sleep. I miss the brush of your soft skin against mine every time we touched. I miss the look in those big brown eyes as they would sparkle and your pupils get big as you tell me you love me.

I miss just hearing you say my name and the feeling I’d get in the pit of my stomach as my heart raced hearing your voice dance across my eardrums so seductively knowing it could only be you saying my name so sweetly!

I miss you, but I’ll never tell you.




She’s emotionally deprived of everything he once offered, deprived of the dreams he once sold to her. Things changed and she’s not sure how to get it back to the way it used to be. She’s deprived of attention, romance, and intellectual conversations but he doesn’t seem to notice or doesn’t seem to care. Which one it is she’s not sure.

She wants to feel loved again, has a burning desire to want to feel that passion when they make love. She’s bored and has no clue how to fix it because everything she says it’s like he hears but doesn’t listen.

She’s screaming for attention but he’s in his own world. She’s lusting for men that aren’t him because they give the attention he refuses to give. She knows he’s tired and trying but only trying in all the wrong places and she’s pleading, screaming. And begging for him to notice that she’s slowly starving soon she will be nothing, a fight to make it work will no longer be made.

He’s there but he’s not it’s like she’s laying next to an empty vessel of the man she once knew and she hasn’t got a clue of how to bring him back. Her love is far from gone but her interest is close to nothing, her sexual drive no longer exist, and her intellect is only shown in the dialect she has with other men.

They peak her curiosity, showed her with conversations other than empty complements. They seems genuinely interested in her ambitions, her thought, her interest. She knows they are no better than him they’ll deprive her of everything she wants as well as soon as they get what they want, but for now she takes what she can get while she can.

She’s deprived of everything he once offered and is unsure if she will ever get it back again.




His hands roam and my body shivers his eyes never leave mine, so how could he know all the right places?

The softness of his lips against my neck, the rhythm of his body against mine. His hands against my bare skin hot and filled with passion. Cold sheets wrapped around my leg.

His stroaks filled with so much passion, so wild tears stream down my face. Moans filled with such pleasure dying to last longer.

In an instant everything’s gone! It was all a dream that only he could fulfill. Soon they’ll come true just me and him.