I Knew You Were Mine

I remember writing a poem about you before I ever met you. I already had this image of what you’d look like. Dark chocolate, tall, and strong, with a gorgeous smile and teeth white as snow.

I hadn’t quite figured out your name or how and when I’d meet you but I already knew you were mine. March 20th 2011 I made a list of my perfect man that list just happened to be made on your birthday. April 2012 I met my soulmate I was only fourteen what did I know about a soulmate?

I was the new freshman I knew no-one I walked in a class full of juniors thinking couldn’t I at least be with kids in my grade? First I heard your voice although it sounded like heaven to my ears the words I heard weren’t all that pleasing.

I turned around to let you firmly know I wouldn’t tolerate the disrespect and as soon as our eyes locked it was like I was choking on my own tongue, everything I wanted to say escaped my brain.

The only thing that kept replaying in my mind is “this is your husband, he is yours”. A week went past and i hadn’t seen you or spoke to you, I knew it was too good to be true. I was fourteen what did I know about true love anyway? As I felt sorry for myself you stopped me in my tracks with that beautiful smile and my heart burst out of my chest.

You walked me to class, carried my books, and kissed my forehead. I remember thinking I could find no better and boy was I right because six years later I became your wife!


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