She’s hopeless, she will never be enough of what he needs or wants. She tries but the only thing she ever hears is try harder. She’s too temperamental, too shut off, too crazy, too lazy. She doesn’t have enough sex and has too much mouth.

She cherishes her friendships too much. She not emotionally available to him no matter how many times she tries change to his likings. She’s not affectionate enough.

She’s hopeless her past made her and even though he screamed he had accepted who she was fell in love with her for that reason, he didn’t really mean it. She’s hopeless because she’s too sensitive, she’ll mask her emotions through anger and shut down.

She’s hopeless because no matter what she does it’s not enough it will always be looked at as if she does not care. She’s hopeless yet nobody takes responsibility for how they’ve contributed to making her this way.

She’s hopeless but she’s not sure she cares anymore


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