Teasing Pt.3

He hit my line telling me he had a dream about me and needed to see me as soon as I wasn’t busy. Seeing that made me giddy, excited of what he would be tempted to do when he seen me. He wanted me just as much as I wanted him! We had a game of cat and mouse going the last two times I had been the mouse he was in complete control while I was at the complete mercy of his time. This time would be different!

He told me to come over at six but I made sure to have plans so I wouldn’t be on his time, I knew it made him very anxious and I enjoyed the thought of him thinking about me until I arrived when I was ready. He asked me again if I would be seeing him tonight and I told him yes.

I arrived at his place at 12am knowing he’d have to leave out soon to handle business we spent an hour talking and restraining from tearing each other’s clothes off. Tens minutes before he had to go I went to the bathroom his bed room light led me through the hallway. As I leave the bathroom the house is completely dark.

I hear him but I can’t see him as his chocolate skin disappears In the dark. His voice drives me crazy and I can tell by his tone he’s up to no good. I was the mouse again this time not in my own home but his. As I turn around to walk he pushes me up against the wall and roughly kisses me like it will be his last chance as my body weakens fireworks go in my head and my panties start to soak with my juices as I imagine being naked in his arms.

I didn’t come for this I came to be in charge this time. Everything was slow motion and has he slipped my hand into his pants allowing me to wrap my hand around every inch of his manhood I knew in that exact moment my next move.

I pull his dick out bend over and take in every inch of his sweet chocolate. My mouth waters up like it does when I’m looking at a meal I’m about to devour. As I deep throat I make sure to move my tongue like a snake to make sure every inch of his dick has been touched with my tongue ring. I hear him moan out in pure pleasure as he grips my hair in his hand.

I slowly take him out of me and slobber over every inch of him I like the tip as I look at him grin and then I pull up his pants and kiss him. I had to hold back laughter as I could see the fire In his eyes. At that point I knew I had won this round of the cat and mouse game we were playing.

He text me the next morning saying “when are we going to fuck I know you need me as much as I need you.” I smiled knowing I had him right where I wanted him.

We’ll enjoy everything really soon!


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