Her whole life has been a fantasy of the perfect marriage the perfect family. She had visions of living a happy ever after with the man that loved her unconditionally. She had dreams of giving him every last child he asked her body bare, every last child he’d hope she would help make possible to bring in this world.

Her dreams are coming true but not without a few hiccups she found the man of her dreams but not before having a child with a man she can’t stand but still her lover has treated her child as his own.

Her dreams continued to manifest her life continued to glow but now she questions her womanhood. The man she’s longed to build her fairytale with is finally asking her to bare his children and yet she can’t, she’s done everything right this time and yet she can’t.

She’s convinced her self in God’s time and yet that nagging voice in the back of her mind tells her she will never be enough woman to give him everything he desires, she will never be able to give him the child he longs for. She knows he’ll love her but will he love her completely if she can’t do the one thing her body was designed to do.

She’s questioning her womanhood which is making her question her worth, her purpose, her fairytale dreams of the perfect family. She questions her womanhood and often ask herself would he ever leave!


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