Teasing pt.2

As those butterflies danced around in my stomach while he kissed my neck I took his face into both my hands looked at him and kissed him as if I’d never see him again. I instantly got wetter just from the passionate way he kissed back.

Everything suddenly stopped though, the room was completely silent and all we could hear was the rapid beating of our hearts. We jolted back into reality almost like nothing ever happened. We began to talk and laugh again

My phone rang from across the room and as I spoke to the other person on the line I feel his soft hands run down the length of my arms and his soft lips brush across my neck. There goes that jolt again was the first thing that popped into my mind, the second was the fact that I was still on the phone.

He’s making my body heat up and my heart race again and all I could think was “shut up and hang up!” He began to pull my panties down now the person on the phone is only a mumble in my ear I’m not to sure of what they’re saying at this point.

He pins my hands under his above my head and slowly penetrates but not without a struggle considering he was not an average size. As I go to gasp I faintly hear “okay by talk to you later, beep beep beep” as my phone hangs up.

He’s no longer gentle he grips my hips and thrust every chocolate inch of him in me and I yell out in pure pleasure. He bends me over my panties still aground my ankles as I hear him breathing heavy he slaps my ass and another scream of pleasure escapes my lips.

As I’m bent over I feel my juices run down my legs the world has disappeared, the room went dark, everything went silent, except us his moans fuel mine and as I thrust back trying to match his speed I feel my ass jiggle and hear clap as he fucks me like he’s releasing every emotion he’s ever felt for me and couldn’t express.

It’s over as quick as it started were finished but we’re not finished neither of us came. I beat his chest as he laughs and tells me “you’ll get the full effect, I have our next time planned out to be special”

At first I’m angry and disappointed until I realized everything else was a tease to lead up to this and everything else will be a tease to lead up to that. And every moment I will anticipate the day we fuck the shit out of each other!


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