Teasing pt.1

It started off so innocent just a quick glance with a flash of his pearly white teeth as I blushed at the fact that his eyes sparkled every time he glanced at me. There was this undeniable connection and denying it would be like denying the jolt of electricity that would flow through your body if you were to get hit with a taser.

I tried to deny every feeling that jolted through every vein in my body as he stared into my soul with those beautiful brown eyes. I invited him in, part of me hoping things would escalate part of me hoping he’d be just as shy as I would and we’d get no further than a cuddle. My mind was saying don’t do it but my body screamed don’t let him leave without getting fucked.

I was comfortable with my friend I walked around in my panties and enjoyed his company in the comfort of my own home. We laughed talked and while I stood between his legs talking to him as he sat on the edge of my bed, my body acted before my mind could process and I laid him back on my bed and straddled his lap.

My mind went black from there because all I can remember is his hands gripping my ass as I stared into those eyes and felt that jolt again. I bit his bottom lip and slowly he slipped his tongue past mine, he tasted like mint gum, I began to breathe heavy, the butterflies began to flap their wings rapidly while dancing around it my stomach.


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