She’s emotionally deprived of everything he once offered, deprived of the dreams he once sold to her. Things changed and she’s not sure how to get it back to the way it used to be. She’s deprived of attention, romance, and intellectual conversations but he doesn’t seem to notice or doesn’t seem to care. Which one it is she’s not sure.

She wants to feel loved again, has a burning desire to want to feel that passion when they make love. She’s bored and has no clue how to fix it because everything she says it’s like he hears but doesn’t listen.

She’s screaming for attention but he’s in his own world. She’s lusting for men that aren’t him because they give the attention he refuses to give. She knows he’s tired and trying but only trying in all the wrong places and she’s pleading, screaming. And begging for him to notice that she’s slowly starving soon she will be nothing, a fight to make it work will no longer be made.

He’s there but he’s not it’s like she’s laying next to an empty vessel of the man she once knew and she hasn’t got a clue of how to bring him back. Her love is far from gone but her interest is close to nothing, her sexual drive no longer exist, and her intellect is only shown in the dialect she has with other men.

They peak her curiosity, showed her with conversations other than empty complements. They seems genuinely interested in her ambitions, her thought, her interest. She knows they are no better than him they’ll deprive her of everything she wants as well as soon as they get what they want, but for now she takes what she can get while she can.

She’s deprived of everything he once offered and is unsure if she will ever get it back again.


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