Love · Pain


She’s lonely but he doesn’t notice, he’s in his own world where she doesn’t exist. She’s losing patience, her faith in him is fading but she still continues to grasp at the last string of hope. She still continues to plead for his attention hoping some how he will listen.

Her eyes are saying every verbal word he chooses to ignore. He doesn’t notice her lack of interest he doesn’t notice the sudden glow that he didn’t create. She’s lonely but he’s there physically yet so gone mentally! He’s so far gone he doesn’t notice her sudden burst of energy that he didn’t create.

He used to pay attention to every detail he could tell when the slightest thing was off now he doesn’t even notice when she screams it to him. She’s pleading screaming and crying for his attention is he deaf or is she mute? The loneliness is deafening but it’s something she’s coming to accept something she’s coming to enjoy.

She’s lonely but she’s okay with it. She used to plead for his attention now when he shows a little interest she pleads for silence. She pleads to be invisible for him to not notice her. Lonely is exactly how she would love to stay!


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