What if it were you instead of him, if my heart was yours instead of his? Could you love me unconditionally and accept me for my flaws, could I one-hundred percent trust you with my heart?

Thoughts of the future we could hold, the stories we could tell, or the memories that we could make dance around in my head. See I know these thoughts shouldn’t even occur but the the thought of waking up to your lips every morning excites me, it peaks my curiosity making me want you more.

You’re my forbidden fruit I won’t dare taste, you’re the scenarios that play in my head all day. What if I stopped being scared took that chance to see what we could build. I ask these questions more often than I should but the more I think the more I hesitate.

What if we can’t fulfill those needs? What happens when we realize our fantasy can never be our reality? See so many scenarios we dream up but in reality it won’t be easy. I am me and you are you but Us will forever be my biggest what if!!


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