You lost yourself; you gave up who you were to please him, but why? What has he done for you? He broke you, hurt you, discouraged you, and made you feel weak; yet you continue to lose yourself for him. You changed thinking that was the only way to keep him when in reality you never needed him! You are worth so much more, pick your head up you cannot let your crown fall. 

You can’t let him devalue your diamonds, you’re a queen and deserve every jewel in that crown; don’t let him diminish it because he’s not enough of a man to carry the weight of it. You’re a queen who deserves a king, someone who will compliment everything you have to offer. You’re unhappy and yet you stick by him? What has he offered you? Heartache, a shaky foundation, lies, and pain deeper than any flesh wound could create. Are all those things worth losing yourself for to make him happy? 

A real man wouldn’t change anything not even your flaws; a real man will turn every flaw into a strength that could only build you up instead of tear you down! A real man won’t diminish your worth but help you find the hidden gems you thought you lost over time. Pick your head up baby girl straighten your crown and let those jewel’s shine brighter than you ever thought they could!

Don’t be like him, don’t let his intentions to bring you down be blinded by the sweet nothings he’s told you but never took the effort to show you. You lost yourself to please him, it’s time to be you again.


One thought on “Him

  1. This means YOU, personally, really should weight your words SERIOUSLY p s p, and I strongly advice you to delete this written defamation v b d o of both characters and a huge group of people who do not take slander and character assassination like this easily k g a b i. I do not know which organization you have got to back you up, but if you do not care about lawsuits in the multi-million dollar range, fine, just keep on what you are doing i z q r x. If you DO care about spending x-amounts of money to try and defend this CLEARLY written libel, then take my DELETE-advice. Your “Post” is now officially taken both copies and screen-shots of and digitally stored for later use and evidence. This is just a warning. We are antifa, we do not forget.


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