I have a confession to make, something I cannot hold any longer. Remember when we first met, I know you couldn’t tell how my stomach turned to butterflies and my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. You didn’t know how your face consumed my dreams every time I fell asleep. You consumed my every thoughts even after we talked for hours. I told you all my darkest secrets and you didn’t judge. 

We wanted more and yet we couldn’t get right. You were my night and shining armor, so I thought. Remember the many arguments the “I hate you”s and how I wished nothing but the worst for you? Well I have a confession those words were lies because all I can think about is how I wish you were mine! In our heads we’re perfect but you were scared so I moved on. 

I know we used to argue but we have something special, you still make me laugh how can you forget about all that? Remember when you would come over to hold me while we sat outside your car and talked? Remember when we agreed to just stay friends because you couldn’t decide between her and me?

I have a confession and I want you to just listen. I can’t get you out of my head I can’t forget those lips and the way your hands gripped my hips to bring me closer while we kissed. I miss the feel of your chocolate skin and the grin when you were nervous. I miss staring into your eyes having a conversation with no words exchanged while we struggled to keep our hands contained! I have a confession I can’t stop thinking about you, can’t help but to wonder what it would of been like dating you.

I have a confession I hate that we never went past friends and you never made an enough effort to let me in. 


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