Dreaming of what could be but lost in everything that was, too scared to repeat everything she didn’t want to become. She grows angry with fear and bitter with hate but she continues to keep her faith.

She’s cries out in tears longing for something to be different. She’s tired of being used, abused, and unappreciated but every time she speaks up she’s shut down. Her feelings don’t matter as long as they get what they want. 

What will they do the day she decides to run.? She has plans to duck off hide from everyone who used up every ounce of strength she had and if they want to come back things won’t be easy. 

She mistrust but lust to be surrounded by those who care and people who don’t pray to see her fail! 

She’s lost she knows what she wants but can’t find a way to get it, doesn’t have a clue how to treat those she loves even despite the things they’ve put her through! 


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