Raw Love

Ever been so in love that your heart feels as if it’s swelling and will burst out of your chest. Love so deep that even a whisper of their voice seems to send ripples down your spine and goose bumps across your skin! Pure love that goes beyond the flesh and touches every part of your soul until you’re forced to feel the agonizing pain of them not physically being there.

Love so deep that even with no sexual encounters you feel the raw touch of ecstasy and lust within a look of each others eye’s. You ever been so in love that there is nothing anyone can tell you, there’s nothing you are willing to hear because you know this person is for you!

You are so in love that while the world crumbles you remain as still as a rock while they become you fortress. There will never be a word to successfully describe the feeling they give you. You will never be able to explain why your eyes sparkle or why you feel the need to stare at them while they are focused on something else. They bring a whole new meaning to love you never thought you could feel.

A love so raw you see no one else around you, you just simply know no one will compare!


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