Do You Feel The Same

I lie in bed awake wondering if you think about me, wondering if you miss me like I miss you. I tell myself all the time I don’t miss you, I don’t want you, and I don’t need you but truth is my whole body aches to feel you. I go through your pictures and for a brief moment I wonder how your lips would taste again, how it would feel to have you touching my skin.

I cant forget the memories despite my obvious obsession with letting you go. I try my hardest to make it seem as if I don’t care but I’m dying to know if you ever notice me. Do you still love me the way I’ve always loved you my heart aches for your not so subtle hints of jealousy. I crave the rage that would spread all over your face when you got angry and for one quick flash of a second you had me wishing you were mine again!

I long to know if your heart aches just as much as mine does your heart race with even the thought of my name does your blood boil and skin shiver remembering all the times I would shout your name. I lie awake thinking about you constantly remembering all the pleasure you once brought me and then I jolt back in to reality when I also remember all the pain.

I miss you but I don’t think I can tear myself apart again.


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