She can’t shake the feeling of misery when she looks at him. Her heart aches to give into his every need but she knows it will only bring her misery!! He’s hell bent on getting everything he wants even if it hurts those he “loves”.

But he’s selfish he loves no one but himself he’ll bring misery to anyone who doesn’t give him his way. He doesn’t know how to be happy unless he’s conflicting pain on others.

She doesn’t want him but she never stopped loving him. She moved forward but he’s determined to find any way to bring her back down with him. For years she tried to be his backbone the one he could always count on but it only made her miserable!

She finally found the strength to walk away and now he’s determined to make sure she’ll stay. He doesn’t care he’ll make sure he ruins her every chance he gets. This is his sick version of love and she wants nothing to do with it. She’s stuck with him because he’ll never let go.

Misery loves company and she’s the one he chose!


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