The Perfect Gentleman

He showed her different. She couldn’t explain it. He kissed her on the forehead and held her hand. It was a burst of fire so subtle yet very demanding. He was the perfect gentleman and that made her want to do some unladylike things.

He was the perfect gentleman no inappropriate words, he didn’t touch her the way she wanted him to. He didn’t taste her deep inner thoughts with his lips, he didn’t feel the fire between her thighs! It was an undeniable burning sensation that coursed through her veins that burned through the inner depths of her soul.

She would lie awake thinking of him and zone out thinking of his love. It was love at first glance she’s not sure he would ever understand.He noticed her but tried to stay subtle he couldn’t push too far. He knew she was different; he could tell by her walk, the look in her eyes, and the way she would try to cover up her beautiful smile. She wanted to taste every inch of his chocolate skin, his smooth touch urged her to give in but she continued to resist. 

She was insecure and shy but his caring touch had her shell bursting open while her sexual thoughts dared to slip through each crack. He was the perfect gentleman she couldn’t resist


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