A Deeper Love

The first moment I looked at you with those big brown eyes staring back up at me I realized there can be no deeper love than a mother and her child. You smiled toothless and the only thought that entered my mind was to protect my love! 

Oh my love how could you be so  precious, how could I love you more than  I’ve ever loved anything in this world. Your soft skin against my skin. I look at those big doe eyes and wonder how will I ever teach you about the world when I’m so young myself. The deeper love I have for you only gives me strength to not run. 

As your father sits across from me sadly I know in my heart I’ll be doing this without him but for some reason it doesn’t sadden me. I’ll get you all to myself I’ll get to be selfish; I get to learn and help you grow with no interruptions.

Oh my love the older you get the deeper the love grows, the more my heart swells, and my soul ignites with pure passion of what I’ve created. A deeper love only gives me more strength!  




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